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Picking Up The Pieces Sin Left Behind

By SALTY Admin

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A testimony is about what a believer has experienced and the ways God has intervened in his or her life. The Bible frequently discusses the power of testimonies and urges believers to share with one another what God has done (1Chronicles 16: 8, Acts 4:33, Daniel 4:2, 2Timothy 1:8) as an encouragement to the body of Christ (Revelation 12:11). 

But testimonies of deliverance aren’t always easy to share. 

For years I was living a lukewarm life where I served God through my church, but continued to pursue and enjoy a very worldly lifestyle. 

My sin eventually shattered my heart and most of all, my MIND.


Self-destructive thoughts hitched to my skirt following me everywhere I went during the day and interrupted my prayers and sleep at night.

I’m so dumb for trusting him. I wonder what he thinks of me now.  Did he ever really care about me? Will he call me again? I shouldn’t have wasted my time. And I knew she wasn’t a real friend. I should have been a better witness for Christ. They probably don’t respect me. I knew better all along.

Somewhere along the way my identity got tangled up in my sin.  I desperately needed God to tell me something different about who I was because I was so disappointed in who I had become.

Read Kecia’s Full Testimony in the Summer 2010 Print Issue of SALTY Magazine.

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