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1.2 - Why Beauty

Editor’s Prayer: Volume 1 Issue 2


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Father, this is a hard topic. I barely scratched the surface. Why give me this theme now when I am still wrestling with never seeing Your beauty with physical eyes? I even question the relevance of this theme in light of heavier Kingdom matters (justice, redemption, truth, etc.).

But that’s exactly it – for beauty is one of the most relevant realities in our culture today. So it must be explored, not ignored and left for society to define. You are showing me that beauty is first spiritual, and only then overflows into other dimensions. Yet once detached from their spiritual source, those same manifestations of splendor will only decay and become perverted. This truth applies to our self worth, fashion sense, marriages, friendships, material gain and every other facet of life. I pray this issue reaches those struggling with the idolatry of beauty in our generation, male and female. May we realize that beauty is Your idea, so it can only be judged by You.

You made us in Your image with an insatiable appetite for all things pleasing and glorious, but we keep thinking it will be satisfied by created things instead of You, the Creator. You alone are wholly beautiful and satisfying. Lord, give us eyes to see that we are only beautiful in as much as we are like You – and You are holy.

Pursuing the beauty of holiness is not “missing out” on the world’s wonders, but refusing to miss out on You, the main wonder.

Mission Impossible awaits us – an ugly world crying out to for a beautiful Savior – and we want to be Your hands and feet, Your ride or die bride. Pour out Your Spirit and make us “holy as You are holy”, modest and glorious, powerful yet compassionate, carrying the lasting fragrance of life, all together lovely and beautiful.

For beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news. Beautiful are the lips of those who speak life and not death. Beautiful are the lives of those that shine bright in dark places.

“Give unto the LORD the glory due to His name; Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.” Psalm 29:2

Volume 1 Issue 2: Beauty

SALTY Magazine: Volume 1 Issue 2: Beauty

Volume 1 Issue 2: Why Beauty?Because Hollywood did not invent beauty, they just watered it down.Because we are never satisfied by the decay of worldly beauty – we were made for something more. Because beauty is first spiritual, all other forms will only self-destruct. Because our insatiable …

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