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Launching 7.7.11

By SALTY Admin

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Hello summer! Beginning a year ago as a local church fundraiser, SALTY will be relaunching as a free online magazine with 2 releases per season. Get your taste buds ready and be on the lookout for the Purity issue this July 2011.

And oh yeah, here is some more information about us:

SALTY Magazine is a print and digital publication serving young adults, in hopes to raise up a bold generation of disciples unapologetic for their beliefs in such a time as this. The magazine is committed to be a platform for individuals representing creative and Christ-centered vision in society, who can both encourage and provide role models to other young men and women. SALTY, through its magazine, merchandise, web and editorial content, will be a vessel to help young disciples apply Biblical principles in everyday life and will encourage young Christians to become agents of change in any arena they find themselves. Our mission is to promote the concept of being “salt” (known for its purifying, cleansing, and preserving qualities) whether at work, play, or alone behind closed doors. Young Christians add an essential flavor to the world, and SALTY wants to remind this generation of its invaluable role of preserving grace and truth in today’s society.

Taste and See..

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About The SALTY Admin

Artistic media brand speaking on sex, success, style, and spirituality. We serve up fresh doses of art, music, design, and other cultural innovations that are IN, BUT NOT OF.

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