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Surviving The Shadow Of Death

By SALTY Admin

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By Nasim

I was on a path that was leading to death. I used to struggle with anxiety attacks, depression, and suicidal thoughts after my ex-boyfriend cheated on me and left me for another girl. One night I was searching for emotional healing through painkillers because I was so heartbroken. I swallowed about 20 pills, but because of the grace of God, I didn’t die. The Lord saw my suffering and wanted to deliver me. He wanted to heal me emotionally and stop me from cutting my body. One day, I was going to hang myself at my old high school, but the Spirit of the Lord came and told me “Nasim, don’t do this. You are going to hurt so many people that love you.” I went to the altar of my church on a Sunday and asked Jesus for His help because I knew I couldn’t quit everything I was doing on my own strength. Jesus really changed my life. I am not the same person I was two years ago. I am God’s child. People are always commenting about the joy and peace I have now, and I get it all from my Father in heaven. All the glory goes to Him.

In my distress I called upon the LORD;
to my God I cried for help.
From his temple he heard my voice,
and my cry to him reached his ears.
-Psalm 18:6

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