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SALTY Up Close: RicLamar

By Jesus Couture

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Walking into Linda’s, a shop in Portsmouth, Virginia, I am welcomed by Kendric Brown, the man behind RicLamar clothing. He greeted me with southern hospitality, a huge smile, and a hug. A refreshing welcome in today’s busy world. We talked, we laughed, and we bonded a bit on the topic of Christian fashion. Kendric sees RicLamar clothing being a part of the New York Fashion Week and Christians being a part of the mainstream fashion world. Why not?!

Kendric, introduce me to RicLamar.

I started off with a clothing line. I would have fashion shows where clients could buy the specific items. After awhile, I ended up not having enough time to reproduce everything, but I did have enough time for you to come to me and get something custom. After this year I will no longer do custom clothing.

We now do four fashion shows a year. One show per season. Spring/Summer, a street/casual with high fashion influences, fall/winter and an evening collection. We can make detailed clothing without all of this in the front and all of that in the back hanging out.

Who are you as a designer? What makes you different?

I don’t want to just make pretty clothes; I want to make clothes that mean something and make a statement. I want you to question if you like it or not. There needs to be a thought process to it. Not just, that’s nice, and move on, or I don’t like that, and move on.

I have to pray and ask God for inspiration and creativity so that I don’t work from my flesh. I want this to be a ministry, not just nice clothes. You can get nice clothes at Wal-Mart (laughs). I’m serious; my shorts are from Wal-Mart!

If you’re confident in what you’re doing, people will love it. Like Alexander McQueen, he made some crazy stuff and people loved it, but there was so much darkness in his life. Imagine if these designers were in the Kingdom and what they could do with their gifts.

[pullquote_right]Your clothing can be the first invitation for someone to get to know Christ.[/pullquote_right]

What is your take on style?

I really believe that you should be able to go to your closet, grab a shirt, throw on some jeans (well, skinny jeans) and stilletos and GO! People should go, “Wow, what are you wearing?” Your clothing can be the first invitation for someone to get to know Christ. They look at you and that makes them want to talk to you.

You have to be radical and be out there … WHY NOT?

Who wears RicLamar Clothing?

The woman that is not scared for people to look at her [RicLamar now has a male line called Adam]. It’s not an age; it’s an attitude. You have to want someone to look at you. There is no way that you can wear RicLamar clothing and not be looked at.

What do you think about Christian fashion?

It’s tee shirts! Really, it’s tee shirts and that’s the extent of it. At first I made tee shirts, because that’s where I thought I fit into this world of Christian fashion. One said, “I hate religion.” Churches didn’t like that. I tried to explain to them the difference between religion and relationship. I brush my teeth religiously; I don’t want to have a “brush my teeth” relationship with God.

Where do you want to take Christian fashion?

To New York Fashion Week! I want the girl to walk down the Runway with an “I hate religion” shirt and a couture skirt. Why can’t we do that? Why can’t we run in their area? We’re here and we wear this and you can wear it, too! People think that when they get saved they need to buy the little Christian tee shirt, but no, your prom dress can be made by a Christian designer, someone who exudes who Christ is.

[pullquote_right]People think that when they get saved they need to buy the little Christian tee shirt, but no, your prom dress can be made by a Christian designer – someone who exudes who Christ is.[/pullquote_right]

You’re a Christian designer in a world where sex sells. I heard you had to face a little controversy over one of your models in an online article. Can you explain?

I listen to everything people say about RicLamar. I decide if it’s something I digest or not. I take seriously what the commentator on “Lions and Liars” said. I agreed with everything he said. The model had tan lines and was wearing a sweetheart dress. The tan lines created clevage when the picture was printed in color. It was never meant to be in color; it was supposed to be black and white. I told them when I saw the picture that I hated it and never wanted to see it again. They did not understand that and they posted it. I prayed about it. I talked to the photographer and the people at Lions and Liars. They didn’t want to change it, but they did it. As we grow in Christ our image changes and that is not the image I wanted for RicLamar Clothing.

That’s a great way to look at it and learn from it. Where else do you face resistance in what you’re trying to do?

When people see RicLamar clothing and it doesn’t have the name Jesus on it, they don’t respect us as a ministry. We can’t wear a dress and have the name Christina and be a Christian company? Does your company name have to include Mary from the Bible and everything say Jesus on it to be Christian? I try to tell them, you can’t minister naked! We can minister to people through clothes. The runway is our pulpit! People see a dress and it’s strapless and they say, “oh, you’re of the devil.” We’ve been kicked out of churches.

You say you want to go to NYFW and to be on Project Runway. How do you see yourself getting there? To the world, fashion is fashion; to us, it has a purpose. How do you see yourself bridging the gap between how the world sees fashion and how we as Christians see fashion?

In order to get the world’s attention, to make them look, you have to give them something to look at. Putting out models that have a standard and who aren’t going to strip naked with a guy right there, or walk down the runway showing it all.
Do you know who I am? I’m a child of God! The walls are going to fall down; they are starting to now. My name is starting to get out there. Show them the ministry side; we’re not just pretty clothes, there’s more to it.

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