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SALTY Up Close: Butta P

By SALTY Admin

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Interview with Butta P from the lyricist group Rhema Soul, by Marsha Saintvil

M: So what is your testimony?
B: I grew up in a Christian home. About sixteen/seventeen, I was curious about what it was like outside of the church. Hit rock bottom at one point, ended up going to a retreat where I gave my life to the Lord.

M: What would you say is the importance of purity for young men and women?
B: Well I will be saying this from a female perspective, of course. I didn’t, unfortunately, save myself for marriage. So a lot of that stems from a search of approval. It’s like you’re searching for something and don’t know what it is. So we speak to young people and we try to encourage that, its biblical, that for young girls we are emotional creatures and that it’s very easy for us to fall in love and to attach yourself to a guy; and that you’re leaving bits and pieces of yourself with each guy — and the person you’re supposed to be with, you won’t have much to give them if you give a piece to everyone else.
So yeah, I’m big on sharing it with young girls about guarding your heart

M: How would you say purity has helped you in your marriage, now that you are married?
B: Like I said, I unfortunately didn’t save myself for marriage, but you know the thing is that when I met my husband, it was a good conversation to kind of share with him about my past. He didn’t know who I was and he was willing to accept me for who I was… that is what truly meant a lot to me.

M: What message was Rhema Soul trying to convey through the music video, Fly Away?
B: Well that video.. that was pretty much a personal testimony about stuff that we have gone through, stuff that people are going through. And we want to share that with people, and that’s what we’re kinda known for, about being real. We just want to let people know, that there are things that people -Christian or not – are going through, cause it’s more of a global issue more than it is a Christian issue, and that’s what we want people to take away from that. It’s not something we wanted to address in the church or people in the church. It’s something we definitely wanted to get across the board.

M: What would your message be to like, young girls and guys in Christ who are trying to live pure right now?
B: I would just say be true to yourself. I think that would be the most important thing, be true to yourself. Be true to who you are. Just stick to your convictions and everything else will work itself out. You know, once you start compromising on your convictions unfortunately, that’s how a lot of people fall into these traps. If you stick to your guts and what you believe in and what you truly stay firm on, then everything else will work itself out.

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