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Don't Waste Your Singleness

Don’t Waste Your Singleness

By SALTY Admin

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by Ryan Galloway

I am not a fan of the way that we do romantic relationships in America.  We tend to bounce from person to person in an aimless search for emotional fulfillment, wholeheartedly believing the lie that being alone must also mean being lonely. We lap up romantic movies like Jerry McGuire that melt our hearts with iconic lines like “you complete me”, only to subtly convince ourselves that we are incomplete and inadequate while single.  Whether it’s implied or just imagined, this perception is not true.  In the end, it has distorted our view of ourselves and made us bad at math, or more specifically, the kind of math that God does.

Strangely, the church has somehow gotten swept up in this misunderstanding of divine arithmetic, too.  We must realize that God views us differently than we view ourselves.  The Bible says that those who have been redeemed by Jesus are whole and complete in Him, even if their earthly existence is still being aligned with their spiritual adoption.  We are no longer human fractions in pursuit of our “better halves” for fulfillment and wholeness, and that is Good News.   As such, it is imperative that disciples of Jesus re-evaluate their outlook on relationships in light of their new identity.

 God doesn’t make two halves into a whole.  That form of addition lacks His imagination and supernatural swagger. 

No, God brings two separately complete individuals together to become an entirely new entity.  We’ve thought he was doing simple addition while the Master Craftsman confounds us with something that is part fusion and part transmutation, combining two beings into one and then transforming them into something different than before.  Whole ingredients are necessary.


Click here to read the full article in the 2.7 August issue:

Don't Waste Your Singleness

Don’t Waste Your Singleness


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