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Artist and Spoken Word Poet Propaganda

SALTY Up Close: Propaganda

By Imade Nikobun

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Imade: How would you define the intersection of creativity and the gospel?

Propaganda: I think creativity itself  is simply an outpour of God’s Goodness to all mankind, period. Despite the artist’s intention, I think it is designed to blow our minds and point us to the Creator. Now having said that, I think ultimately the awe of creation should point us to the Gospel.

You seem to do much of your work in community, whether its Humble Beast, or your partnerships in doing the Spoken Word Challenge competition. Why do you take this approach?

Short answer is, I don’t know any other way to function. I don’t see how any Christian, or any person for that matter, can see themselves as an island or not in the context of other human beings. That’s where our faith is played out – in relation to others.  Looking at scripture, what if Daniel just kept to his own kind? What if the disciples just sat around with each other and just talked about what they saw?

That would be disastrous for the rest of the world.


You’ve been collaborating with secular artists for quite some time, especially with the Tunnel Rats’ Footsoldiers project in 2006. How do you share the gospel in working alongside non-Christian artists? 

Pro’lly the least of my missional concern is the actual stage time. The real ministry happens during the time that being a good rapper on the stage actually awards me. You earn the right to be heard by being willing to work with these dudes, and smashing mics (lol).. so the gospel sharing happens during the down time or the recording process or the tour bus – when they see that I’m tryin’ to be diligent in my bible study and prayer, that I’m Skype-ing with my wife and not hitting on these girls. They see you practicing what ya’ preach and God moves

We are not the point. We are the flavor that highlights the point.

Your use of technology with Twitter and Vine reveal the everyday life that’s far from the glamour of a full-time artist. Why do you want to show the other side of being a Hip Hop minister?

Because I’m still a fan of hip hop. So I try to think like a fan. I put myself in the fan’s position and say, “what would I want to see from artists I love?” Well I wanna know who they are as a person, as well as, what shows are coming up etc.

What does it mean to preach the gospel to your family, especially as a touring artist?

Basically it’s my top priority. And as far as being a touring artist, every job/ career has nuances and you adjust and make it work for your family situation.

What do you think Jesus meant by labeling his followers “salt of the earth”, and how do you aim to remain SALTY in your daily routine?

We are not the point. We are the flavor that highlights the point.


Stay updated with Propaganda on his website and Twitter feed. Also catch more of the Gospel Volume below:



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About The Imade Nikobun

Imade Nibokun is a journalist specializing in music of the African diaspora. She covers the nuanced intersection of the spiritual and secular. Refreshingly witty. Redemptively honest.

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  1. Tierra McNealy Russell Reply May 9, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    Just to read how this young man feels about God, is refreshing


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