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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop


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We’re baaaack!

This may not be good news to a culture that mocks absolute truth and pretends there is no right except what “feels right”. But there are a few of us out here who still fear the Lord, and believe He’s smarter than the best. And for 2014, SALTY is again committed to curating and cheering on your story – the light-bearers and salt-shakers.

Thanks to you, not everybody is YOLO-ing it up like blind sheep.  We died to our first life and are living a new one, happily surpassing the “live once” quota suggested by society. We’ve been bitten by eternal pleasure and purpose, so the temporary highs no longer scratch our immortal itch. We have nothing to boast in personally, but we will boast in the Lord. He’s just that good, so we would be crazy not to share His abundant grace and wisdom with every industry that we touch – fashion and finance, art and media, music and medicine – everything.

Our generation has given itself over in worship to money, sex, and alcohol – but that doesn’t mean we have to jump off the cliff too. Yes, we’re young but there is a legacy being built that’s greater than us – a testimony to our friends, family, and future children that says “God does satisfy”. These earthly things can be good, but thankfully, they are not God. Now excuse me while I remove this cage they’ve attempted to box me in, and roar 😉

#UncageYourself #InButNotOf

The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion. -Proverbs 28:1

As part of our revamp and culture focus, our slogan has also changed to “In, But Not Of.” Drawing from John 17 where Jesus prays that we are not to be taken out of the world, we wanted a constant reminder of our joy to now go into the culture and make disciples.

As salt of the earth, we sometimes forget that avoiding the world is not the point – we were actually left here to engage them with good deeds that help them taste and see that the Lord is good. Whatever dreams you were pursuing when God called you, He reformed you and left you there to shine light in that darkness. Fleeing the darkness so you don’t become “infected” by their sin creates a weak and shallow faith. Get community and accountability, but remember that light was meant to be setup on a lampstand.

It’s time to build your platform and shine!

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Founder and curator of SALTY Magazine, creating lampstands for good works to be seen. Twitter/Instagram: @RobynAnnL

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