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McIntyre Dance Institute

Called 2 Dance

By SALTY Admin

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by Shana Henry

The majority of humanity views dance as such an amazing art: passionate, liberating, graceful, expressive, breaking through language barriers, and mending souls. On May 17, 2014, The McIntyre Institute, the number one school in South Florida for liturgical dance, put on Called 2 Dance. The recital was beautiful, exhilarating, and sentimental; filled with colors and joy. The production was so amazing, I wanted to get to know the woman behind it all and what God had placed in her heart in order for her to create such a wonderful event.

My eyes were graced with people of all ages, sizes, and from different ethnicities. There were ninjas, Egyptians Queens, angels, choirs, and so much more. The music selection ranged from African folk songs to modern day 2014 Grammy award nominees. In addition to dancing, there was singing and worship led by Jerrica Graham, 21:03, and J. Moss.

If you love to laugh, cry, and feel art during a performance, check out The McIntyre Institute and one of their upcoming events. You will enjoy the different perspective.

Dr. Constance McIntyre is the Founder, along with her husband, and Artistic Director of McIntyre Institute.The McIntyre Institute anticipates a kick-off concert in Miami 2015 featuring major recording artist and our of dance/community educational demonstration. The concert series is expected to travel throughout the major cities within the United States. All times and locations will be listed through social media. For more information follow us on: Facebook,,, or search ‘The McIntyre Institute Lessons Behind The Scenes’ Television-Web Series via YouTube.

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