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Christian Creatives Art by Latoya Mathis

Highlighting Creatives – Latoya Mathis

By SALTY Admin

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Each month, we select a few Christian Creatives to share their #FiveFaves with us in the below categories – here were Latoya’s top picks (also known as @LatoyaSwarmmode on Instagram):


1) Favorite app or tool for your art?

My favorite tool for art is a silver and black mechanical pencil. It’s a simple precision instrument that allows me to focus on detail, something I love to do.


2) Favorite book or blog you frequent?

Since I love reading my fave book is whichever I’m reading at the time. Right now it’s Gifted Hands the autobiography of Dr. Ben Carson. The stories of others always intrigue me which is why my main artistic focus is portraiture.


3) Favorite mentor or influencer who pushes your creativity?

My favorite mentor is a design professor and menswear designer named Salvatore Cesarani I had back when I was a student at Parsons in New York. Even though I’m not designing fashion right now, he has always encouraged me to express myself through art. He pretty much instilled in me that I was too creative to limit myself.


4) Favorite song or album while working?

I am constantly listen to music when I’m creating. Recently, my new favorite has become Christon Gray’s School of Roses. For me it’s the perfect blend of hip hop, melody and content.


5) Favorite quote or advice you’ve ever received?

A quote often told to me in school and one I still live by is “Make it work!” Meaning no matter what I have, no matter how limited my resources, I always have what I need to create something great.


More About Latoya Mathis:
An artist and designer. Founder and President of Swarmmode Creative. I’m just crazy enough to think I can change the world with my pencil.


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Lecrae Sketch by Latoya Mathis


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