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SALTY Up Close: Antwan Hope

By SALTY Admin

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by Bianca Beejanks


Saltshakers, I have the privilege of introducing you to an upcoming Christian rapper ready to infiltrate our generation with salt and light. Inspired by his powerful testimony, we call this the “Hope Story”.


Who is Antwan Hope?

Antwan Hope was born and raised in Broward County, Florida. He is full of talent, creativity, ambition, and most of all- the Holy Spirit. Signed to Cynosure Entertainment (an independent christian record label), Antwan has a powerful testimony to share and that is translated through his music. He began making music at the age of 16 doing secular music but soon realized that God had other plans for his talent. A few years later, he began to let God shape and use his talent to edify the Kingdom. Whether he is on stage inspiring people with his clever and impactful lyrics, or offstage reaching his world with life- it is undeniable that Antwan Hope is an anointed vessel ready to bring change to the hip hop world.


How did the death of his son affect his music?

Last summer, Antwan began really taking music seriously and creating his very first album with Cynosure. As he prepared himself to answer the call of God on his life, he received one of the most disturbing phone calls of his life. He was told that his 4 year old son was found dead at his baby mother’s home. “I cried in the car all the way down. Not my child,” Antwan Hope told CBS 4′s Lauren Pastrana about the moment he learned his son was dead. “I loved that boy.” For weeks he cried nonstop; so much so, that he lost his voice. The devil was quite crafty with his plan but God’s plan was so much greater. Through that dark valley, Antwan did not blame God but instead thanked God for peace that surpasses all understanding and allowed God to use his hurt as a platform for healing. “The testimony is that everything is going to be okay no matter the trials or tribulations” Antwan explains. Such a basic concept, with which Antwan wrote several songs expressing HOPE and reminding all who hear them that there is nothing God can’t help us through.

To read more about the death of his son, visit:


How did Antwan’s music career officially start? How did he get connected to a record label?

This encounter is also a testimony of God’s mysterious ways and the great plans he has for our lives demonstrated. Before the death of his son, Antwan was going through yet another rough patch in life. He had no where to live and was currently looking for a place to sleep. Suddenly, 2 cops pull up to him and began to ask him questions. Perplexed and unsure of the events to come, Antwan cooperated. A third cop pulled up and approached him yelling like drill sergeant. “What’s up with that cross on your neck?” the cop interrogated. “I’m a believer” Antwan replied. Little did Antwan know, he was exactly where God needed him to be in that moment regardless of his circumstance. “I’m thinking he [the cop] gon’ be a problem, but that’s how I got connected”. That same cop ended up encouraging him in his walk with God- and turned out to be the owner of Cynosure Entertainment. Shortly after, Antwan officially began recording his album and was signed to Cynosure Ent.


When is Antwan’s album coming out?

Antwan Hope’s album “Exposed” is set to release in August 2014. The album will be unveiled at the ‘Transparent Concert’. The Transparent Concert will be on Sunday, August 10th, 2014 featuring other artists such as Victor Cornelius, DJ Morph and headliners: Social Club.


What is one thing Antwan Hope would like the world to know?

“Step outside of the box, don’t be afraid of change.”


To all the young dreamers, don’t be afraid to step outside of your own plan for your life, and into God’s amazing will – keeping in mind that His ways are greater. Remember that light always dispels darkness, so be the salt that adds that essential flavor to our world.



Flyer for August 10th,2014

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