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Spoken Word Artist Ezekiel

SALTY Up Close: Ezekiel

By SALTY Admin

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We asked Ezekiel some questions for our Holiday issue dropping this month, check out the full interview below:

The Salt (tell us a bit about you, and your vision to impact culture):

I am a husband and father of 3 lovely girls. I believe that family is an important ministry, and with that every minister should steward it well. My gift is using words to impact lives with Truth, therefore, I consider myself to be a lyrical evangelist. My vision to impact culture prayerfully reflects that of Christs’. I know that most messages I present may not be politically correct but my motto is, “Don’t sugar coat the message if they’re spiritually diabetic.” I want to continue to promote transparency, boldness, and Christian authenticity to a generation that has every excuse to be consumed with distractions.

The Spill (what projects are you planning to serve up this season ):

I am very excited about my plans for 2015. My team, along with others are in the midst of strategically planning in every area of my career. You can be sure that there will be elements we produce that have been unseen in the genre of Spoken Word Poetry. I am working hard towards releasing an album next year that will highlight my spoken word as well as my lesser known rap career. All in all, I suggest supporters expect the unexpected, and that’s exactly how I like it.


The Spark (what inspired your idea or where do you pull your inspirations):

When it comes to spoken word for me, it’s not easy to just randomly write. My pieces are derived from impactful personal experiences or heavy concerns I feel God has laid upon me. You can call me the “Milli Vanilli” of Urban Art, trust me, it’s not my voice you’re hearing! I’m trying just to lip sync for God’s heart.

The Substance (what have been some of the challenges & high points of the journey):

One of the main challenges for me has been balance. I am still learning how to develop my craft consistently, while watering the important relationships in my life. With this in mind, I intentionally pay close attention to my marriage now more than ever. In the season when my platform first began to expand, I was the “Yes Man”. I would do anything and everything all in the name of building the kingdom. I was juggling being the youth minister, music director at church, serious college student, an exemplary employee, and a newlywed all at the same time! I can candidly say, I was a mess! Not to mention my personal relationship with God was taking the backseat to my “work for Him”. I had to realize that God had to be priority and His Word was meant to dictate how everything else fell in place on my to do list. I began to say, “No” a lot more and make conscious strides to let my family know their place was second only to God in my life. This will always be an area I plan to guard carefully, but I’m happy to say, I’ve gotten a whole lot better!


As far as high points, I would definitely have to say the “awe” moments really make it worth it! It seems like God never fails in this area. I’m constantly in awe of all the testimonies I receive in response to poems that I’ve done. I don’t take moments like that lightly and they act as fuel in my tank when I find myself running on fumes. It’s also very refreshing to see that this art form that I feel so knitted to is exploding on such a global level. I often take “Selah” moments to step back and give God his due praise, because it’s simply too big for me to take credit for.

The Savor (how do you aim  to remain SALTY in your daily commission as salt of the earth):

I have a passionate drive in my life to be the Church every chance I get. I think time has come when we as Christians need to start being the Church because we’ve “had church” quite enough. I’m doing a lot of street evangelism these days, going into the prisons and jails and any where I can to share the hope of the gospel. I simply don’t believe that God has only called me to do events where I share memorized (though God inspired) pieces, take pics, sign autographs and go back home. I truly feel led to use any influence I have to get my hands dirty and that’s what I intend to do.

The Socialite (where can you be found online):

  • Website –
  • Facebook –
  • Twitter – @wordsbyezekiel
  • Instagram – @wordsbyezekiel
Spoken Word Artist Ezekiel

You can also check out Ezekiel’s feature alongside other artists in the Winter 2014 issue of SALTY Magazine here or below:

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