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KB for SALTY Magazine Interview

SALTY Up Close: KB

By SALTY Admin

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We got to catch up with KB at the BlackOut Circuit Tour stop in Miami, and he kept it #100:

The Salt (tell us a bit about you, and your vision to impact culture):

 One of the influences I want to have on the culture is leading by example. I am very intentional about serving family; my wife and baby. Spiritual development is priority and the foundation to everything. The local community and the church are where I envision having the most impact.

The Spill (what projects are you planning to serve up this season ):

 Currently, I am working on a new album; the title is still in the works. I am also making another video for my songs entitled 100 and Kamikaze. Stay tuned.


The Spark (what inspired your idea or where do you pull your inspirations):

Peoples’ needs, burdens, unanswered questions, and their aches and pains, motivate me to speak the truth. I would say that I am mostly inspired by lack.

The Substance (what have been some of the challenges & high points of the journey):

One of the challenges has been remaining content. It is so easy to forget where you were. I do not deserve followers; it’s an honor to be where I am. I always want more than I should. The Lord gave me a gift and I am responsible for stewarding that gift and talent accordingly.

The high points are always seeing lives altered. An atheist in Louisville was changed by one of my performances. Man seeing people come to the Lord through the Gospel never gets old.

The Savor (how do you aim  to remain SALTY in your daily commission as salt of the earth):

Dropping a rock in the pond makes ripples. My ongoing and personal relationship with God is vital and is the creation of those ripples. Every ripple connects me to the world around me. My relationship with God aids me in extending out to corporate fellowship and community, and out to the world.

The Socialite (where can you be found online):

  • Website –
  • Facebook –
  • Twitter – KB_HGA
  • Instagram –  KB_HGA

You can also check out KB’s interview and other artist’s in the summer 2014 issue of SALTY Magazine here or below:


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