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Lisa McClendon for SALTY Magazine

SALTY Up Close: Lisa McClendon


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Robyn: So saltshakers, right now I am sitting down with Lisa McClendon over breakfast to get the long overdue scoop!

Lisa: I love saltshakers, that is amazing.

Robyn: Yes, spread the salt! [chuckles] So the last album came out a few years back and people have been waiting – but for those who know, you do a lot, and are a busy woman focusing on motherhood, music, and ministry; music being just one of many things. But for those who don’t know Lisa outside of the music, tell us who is Lisa McClendon?

Lisa: Well I am very multifaceted. And I’m learning to even hone that in. Because I am a very creative person and for people that are creative, everything is art. Every move, every blow of the wind, every conversation, every dish.. to the point where I have to learn to shut things off. So I’m very creative which can be a blessing and a curse if I don’t learn to balance, you know. So with that creativity, in addition to being a wife and a mom, I am an advocate for youth, I’m a youth pastor and an advocate for girls in particular. I have a girls organization called Girls Life with Lisa McClendon. So I’m an advocate for justice. I just want things to be right – whether that’s through my music, through speaking, or pastoring.

Robyn: Right. When I found out I was like whoa you are working.

Lisa: Girl yes, so heavily in the ministry and also empowering women, so I’m learning to know who to be in what season.

Robyn: Right, that is crucial. I remember catching a blog of yours where you mentioned a sermon your husband gave that helped you get a revelation on the difference between your talents and your ministry.

Lisa: Oh yea.

Robyn: And you were saying how that really helped free you to get back to music – were you referring to the commercial side of music, or…

Lisa: Yes, commercially. I have a heart to be right, even when I’m not. So I think I read online where someone was bashing artists that were singing and getting paid for it. So then, it kind of hit me and I was like “Well, God, am I wrong for receiving compensation for singing?” And I wrestled with that for weeks and in my innocence started thinking, well I’m not going to sing if people have to pay for it – because I felt horrible since I love to sing but it is my livelihood as well. Then my husband came to me one day – he was actually about to preach – and right before he preached he said, “There is a difference between your gifts and your talents. You may go into ministry and you may sing, and they pay you for singing but when you shift into the prophetic, or when you shift into evangelism, into ministry – there is no price tag you can put on the ministry side of the music but they can compensate you for the talent,” and that freed me and I was like “Give me a mic!”

…there is no price tag you can put on the ministry side of the music.


Robyn: Yes, Let me sing!

Lisa: Yes let me sing! So I was happy because He freed me; I missed singing. I was like if I’m not going to be able to sing without charging anyone, I would rather not sing. And it freed me, because my husband didn’t even know in private that I was praying for freedom about that.

Robyn: And even in the Scriptures, He says don’t muzzle the ox. If the ox is helping you work, you are able to live off of that you know.

Lisa: Yes it sure is. That’s Scripture.

…every single song on this album was created out of my morning devotion with the Lord.


Robyn: With that background now, how do you think this new album will be different? I know you mentioned before doing Rockstar that you will be doing a more spiritual album this time around.

Lisa: Yea all of my albums are spiritual, but this album is on another level. Simply because every single song on this album was created out of my morning devotion with the Lord. To keep my sanity, I had to make it a point to be in the face of God every morning before I saw anybody else: before my husband, my children, internet and social media, anything. I had to have a moment with God for direction and clarity – and in that moment, He’s given me the verses to the song. There would be times when I would have writer’s blocks but for this album in putting God first, He was more clear. This album was a distraction free album and that’s why we changed the name from Invisible to 5am.

Robyn: What are the changes in the album from Reality til now. What is the theme this album will bring?

Lisa: I think it goes back to the title. You can do a lot of things good because God has already given us gifts, But you can do great things by being connected to Him. I’ve done great albums before but imagine what I can do with Him leading me? I want to encourage people to put Him first.


Robyn: From Reality and pass projects, what are some things you have learned from a business stand point within the music industry?

Lisa: It’s a harsh thing to say but its real – sometimes people don’t want to hear Jesus – even the Church. It wasn’t everybody but it really showed me some people’s hearts. Because it wasn’t as soulful some people didn’t want to embrace it because it was “too Jesus.” People were saying it needs to be more commercial and I get it, but that’s not what He gave me on this song. I would rather be obedient than get the exposure. When I got on social media, I eventually saw that everybody wasn’t pushing it away and God showed me that many people were getting message. My husband told me it is better to be known as a soul winner that can sing.

Robyn: Is there an estimated release date?

Lisa: October! My birth month is in October, so I thought it would be a good time.. not too close to Christmas so October is the release date. We’re looking to do another single release, but right now the new single is You, and it’s on iTunes for purchase or you can hear it on Sound Cloud. It’s doing very well.

Robyn: As salt, how do you keep your flavor daily?

Lisa: I stay SALTY by staying close, that’s it. The closer I am to Him, He’s my preserver – so I have to stay close to Him.

Lisa’s Social Links:

Purchase the single “YOU” here on iTunes!



You may also catch more of Lisa in the latest issue of SALTY Magazine here. Pass the salt!

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