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Sarah Jakes-Roberts on SALTY Magazine

Sarah Jakes – Lost & Found

By SALTY Admin

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We are loving this new book and video series by Sarah Jakes. Be sure to pick up the read wherever books are sold, and check out the full playlist below:

“What do you do when the sins of your past are staring you down? When you can no longer ignore the wounds you’ve inflicted and you’re no longer blind to the scars you’ve endured – you have no choice, but to feel. Suddenly overwhelmed with crystal clear clarity that you are more broken than you thought we became defensive over our broken pieces. We want to be the victim because we can’t bare to see the strength that could exist beyond the pain. When will you take ownership of you? When will you stop running from the realities of your past and trying to create a fictional future? When will you admit that you can’t stop pretending to be whole long enough to see you’re still bleeding. Your denial to heal your heart may blind you of your truth, but it won’t protect your world from your bitterness. Infection breeds more infection… Start with where it hurts the most, determine your role, right your wrongs and learn your lessons. Accept God’s love by exposing it to the areas in your soul that hurt the most. Forgive, love, move forward.. We don’t care how well you imitate life because we really just want you to actually live.”


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