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Christian Creatives in Music

The X Files – Giel

By SALTY Admin

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Artist Giel from the new music video “Easy” shares some of her testimony with SALTY Magazine below:
So tell us how the Lord got your attention and brought you to Him.

I was pretty much born in the church. Both of my parents are evangelists and pastor a ministry in south FL, but my story of getting to know God for myself mirrors that of a prodigal daughter. God began drawing me in from young because He truly had a plan for me so great. It took him showing Himself early to me, so I would never forget His power, love, forgiveness, and concern for me.  I knew from a young age that I loved music and would be a missionary, but I never could have imagined that God would allow me to be an ambassador for Him through music.  My eyes and heart were set on being a secular artist, but God had another plan for me and the gifts and talents He placed within me.  He merely waited for me to accept the call and ultimately his will.  He welcomed me, reminded me of my heritage and identity in Him and never stopped looking for me when I was lost.  For that, I vowed to never go back. I don’t regret any of my journey because it has made His efforts of proving how much He loves me that much more intense…my story is a story of redemption through Christ and the gratitude I have because of his relentless love for me.  I guess you can say it was his loving kindness that drew me.  


Have you noticed a change in any habits or desires, especially ones that caught you off guard?

Giel - soGLOSSY-Image 4 Since deciding to walk upright before God, there was a lot of change.  Some that I conscientiously changed and others I simply noticed much later that I either stopped or just didn’t desire any longer.  I think what caught me off guard were the things that changed about me that family members noticed.  I use to be very hostile and quite haughty growing up. Over time, as God begun working in me, anger and negative speech ceased.  I wasn’t easily aggravated or argumentative anymore. I was calm and displayed a peace during some pretty tough times.  God began working on my character and even changed how others thought and responded to me.  I looked in the mirror one day and sobbed in gratitude. It was an amazing feeling to love and see myself the way God had…grateful for the changes I started to see.


What are one or two struggles you’re currently wrestling through, and some of the grace and lessons God is showing you in the midst.

God is so merciful, and I’m so grateful to him because He loves us too much to allow us to stay the same. It took some time but God revealed to me that I was still struggling with insecurity, abandonment, truth and change. Now over time God has delivered me greatly, however there are still times where those thoughts and anxieties arise.  When they do, I stand on the word of God and His promises to me.

My mentor has always said, “God reveals what He wants to heal…”

I’m just so grateful that He knew change was necessary for me to be in a place where I could actually receive His love for me.  He continues to walk with me proving I am never alone, and shows me how to live in truth and give genuine love to others.


You can read more of her story in the February issue of SALTY Magazine here. Also check out Giel’s new beauty brand #soGLOSSY here.

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