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Articles and stories featured in the quarterly print issues.

Spoken Word Artist Ezekiel

SALTY Up Close: Ezekiel

We asked Ezekiel some questions for our Holiday issue dropping this month, check out the full interview below: The Salt (tell us a bit about you, and your vision to impact culture): I am a husband and father of 3 lovely girls. I believe that family is an important ministry, and with that every minister […]

KB for SALTY Magazine Interview

SALTY Up Close: KB

We got to catch up with KB at the BlackOut Circuit Tour stop in Miami, and he kept it #100: The Salt (tell us a bit about you, and your vision to impact culture):  One of the influences I want to have on the culture is leading by example. I am very intentional about serving […]

SALTY Up Close: Propaganda

Imade: How would you define the intersection of creativity and the gospel? Propaganda: I think creativity itself  is simply an outpour of God’s Goodness to all mankind, period. Despite the artist’s intention, I think it is designed to blow our minds and point us to the Creator. Now having said that, I think ultimately the awe […]

SALTY Up Close: Erica Mason

“Hey! You’re the rapper girl!” This is how Erica Mason is usually addressed while attending classes at the University of Florida (UF). It’s because in addition to being a 3rd year Family Youth and Community Sciences major and campus RA, she raps at events hosted by fraternities, sororities, Christian groups, and nonprofit organizations at UF. […]

SALTY Up Close: Japhia Life

Interviewed by Imade Nibokun Japhia Life is often considered Christian Hip Hop’s bad boy, but his fearless defiance comes from a higher source.  Despite the labels thrust upon him, he defines himself by an audience of One.  When his cult classic, Pages Of Life, was released in 2000, Japhia was a Nas trained emcee learning […]

My Rescue From Sex Addiction

It is true what they say about women. We have the ability to hide things very well. We cover things with a smile and cloak ourselves in feminine etiquette so you may never know our true thoughts. The world would have you believe that at all times a lady is a lady in deed, manner, […]

It’s A Natural Thing

Perfection. Imagine Eve in the Garden of Eden. Naked in every aspect of the word. Pure in essence, mind, and spirit. Beautiful. No flaws at all. Complete. Walking with her God—the one who created her as He intended her to be. You can’t help but wonder what did perfection look like? What did she smell […]

Abstinence: One Size Fits All

So you have a big ego and that’s why she loves to sing about you. It’s glorified that you allow your pants to hang low and you wear a size 12. Oh, and how can I forget your irresistible swag, razor sharp tape, super fast car, tight glutes and defined abs, boyish smile, bad boy […]

Picking Up The Pieces Sin Left Behind

Somewhere along the way my identity got tangled up in my sin. I desperately needed God to tell me something different about who I was because I was so disappointed in who I had become.