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Other highlights and features to complement the SALTY Magazine print edition.

Don’t Waste Your Singleness

by Ryan Galloway I am not a fan of the way that we do romantic relationships in America.  We tend to bounce from person to person in an aimless search for emotional fulfillment, wholeheartedly believing the lie that being alone must also mean being lonely. We lap up romantic movies like Jerry McGuire that melt […]

Christian Creatives on Money

Money or Master

By Robert Williams Debt is a chain that will hold you in bondage. As it says in Proverbs 22:7, “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” This issue really hit home with me when I made the decision to attend graduate school. I would ask the Lord, “Why […]

SALTY Up Close: Propaganda

Imade: How would you define the intersection of creativity and the gospel? Propaganda: I think creativity itself  is simply an outpour of God’s Goodness to all mankind, period. Despite the artist’s intention, I think it is designed to blow our minds and point us to the Creator. Now having said that, I think ultimately the awe […]

SALTY Up Close: Erica Mason

“Hey! You’re the rapper girl!” This is how Erica Mason is usually addressed while attending classes at the University of Florida (UF). It’s because in addition to being a 3rd year Family Youth and Community Sciences major and campus RA, she raps at events hosted by fraternities, sororities, Christian groups, and nonprofit organizations at UF. […]

Volume 2 – Read Them All

Check out the entire Volume 2 series below and watch out for the special compilation print coming out next month – 7.7.13. There will also be new store apparel to rock your SALTY tastebuds to the world. This summer is going to be amazing! #DontWasteIt 2.1 – The Gospel 2.2 – REDemption 2.3 – Love […]

SALTY 1.4 – The Identity Issue

Yes, it finally landed. Volume 1 Issue 4 has arrived, and we discuss our “Identity: In Crisis or In Christ?” Why Identity? Because the world called, and wants to know whose side are we really on. Because Christians are quicker to defend their sin than to defend their God. Because sometimes we need to be […]

SALTY Up Close: Japhia Life

Interviewed by Imade Nibokun Japhia Life is often considered Christian Hip Hop’s bad boy, but his fearless defiance comes from a higher source.  Despite the labels thrust upon him, he defines himself by an audience of One.  When his cult classic, Pages Of Life, was released in 2000, Japhia was a Nas trained emcee learning […]

SALTY Up Close: Built To Be Broken

by Allysen Kerr Their Facebook page labels Built to be Broken as an alternative rock band from Orlando, FL. But this trio with Indian roots and really cool hair is so much more than just a band. They live their lives for the glory of God and for the music they love. As they trade […]

SALTY Apparel – Themed Tees

The SALTY Store is now open! Spread the Good News of each magazine issue by wearing your themed Tees. Check out the Purity Tee on the left, and the Freedom Tee in the Lookbook video below. Click here to head over to the store.

Photographed by Jon Lash

If You’ve Got It, Use It!

by Jon Lash Influence. We’ve all felt it, and we all have it. It is a simple word that if harnessed properly, can change the course of one’s destiny. Influence is powerful and it is real. It is time for the followers of Jesus to rise up and use their influence for the sake of […]