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Other highlights and features to complement the SALTY Magazine print edition.

Abstinence: One Size Fits All

So you have a big ego and that’s why she loves to sing about you. It’s glorified that you allow your pants to hang low and you wear a size 12. Oh, and how can I forget your irresistible swag, razor sharp tape, super fast car, tight glutes and defined abs, boyish smile, bad boy […]

Editor’s Prayer: Volume 1 Issue 2

Father, this is a hard topic. I barely scratched the surface. Why give me this theme now when I am still wrestling with never seeing Your beauty with physical eyes? I even question the relevance of this theme in light of heavier Kingdom matters (justice, redemption, truth, etc.). But that’s exactly it – for beauty […]

SALTY 1.2 – The Beauty Issue

Volume 1 Issue 2: Why Beauty? Because Hollywood did not invent beauty, they just watered it down. Because we are never satisfied by the decay of worldly beauty – we were made for something more. Because beauty is first spiritual, all other forms will only self-destruct. Because our insatiable appetite for beauty came from our […]

SALTY Apparel – Now Here

Here is a sneak peak of what’s cooking in the SALTY Store – stay tuned for more this week: CLick to Visit SALTY Threads

SALTY 1.0 – The Freedom Issue

Read the Freedom Issue for Free by clicking the magazine image below. Published in 2010 but just as relevant as ever: “Free From Sin, But Free To Do What?”

SALTY 1.1 – The Purity Issue

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be SALTY in it! SALTY Magazine launches today, and is free! Invite your family and friends and click below to read the premiere issue, Volume 1 Issue 1 – The Fight For Purity:

A New Look

Welcome to the home of SALTY Magazine. We are currently under construction and preparing for our July 2011 launch, but be sure to follow us on the following sites for updates: Twitter Facebook Tumblr Taste and See..

Launching 7.7.11

Hello summer! Beginning a year ago as a local church fundraiser, SALTY will be relaunching as a free online magazine with 2 releases per season. Get your taste buds ready and be on the lookout for the Purity issue this July 2011. And oh yeah, here is some more information about us: SALTY Magazine is […]

Seeking Staff – Firestarters

SALTY is seeking firestarters with a passion for Christ, to build a solid magazine team. Even though there is no initial salary, we are looking for committed individuals with fresh ideas that will work towards the vision of making SALTY a national, monthly magazine. Please keep an eye out for friends and disciples who possess […]