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Archive | Testimonies

Testimonies and stories.

Sarah Jakes-Roberts on SALTY Magazine

Sarah Jakes – Lost & Found

What do you do when the sins of your past are staring you down? When you can no longer ignore the wounds you’ve inflicted and you’re no longer blind to the scars you’ve endured – you have no choice, but to feel. Your denial to heal your heart may blind you of your truth, but it won’t protect your world from your bitterness. Infection breeds more infection…

Christian Creatives in Music

The X Files – Giel

Artist Giel from the new music video “Easy” shares some of her testimony with SALTY Magazine below: So tell us how the Lord got your attention and brought you to Him. I was pretty much born in the church. Both of my parents are evangelists and pastor a ministry in south FL, but my story of getting to […]

Searching for Starfish

Interview and write-up by Jenelle Campos Teacher, Photographer, Wife, Mother…Nikki Clowers is a dominating superwoman in her own right. Her down to earth Texan roots is what grounds her, and everyone she comes in contact with is automatically taken back by her joyful and humble spirit, all in which she gives credit to the Lord. […]

Surviving The Shadow Of Death

By Nasim I was on a path that was leading to death. I used to struggle with anxiety attacks, depression, and suicidal thoughts after my ex-boyfriend cheated on me and left me for another girl. One night I was searching for emotional healing through painkillers because I was so heartbroken. I swallowed about 20 pills, […]

The Death In Debt

By Faith Umoh Most people hate wearing uniforms to school. However, I was one of the few who loved it because deep inside I knew my dad would not take me shopping. My Nigerian father literally pinched every penny he had because he supported me, my two sisters and my family in Nigeria. Thus, I […]

Reborn. Mind Renewed. Now Reinvented.

At one point in my life I thought the world and life itself was a coincidence. Money was my motivation. Purple haze and sour diesel was my preference. Sex and pornography was an addiction. I had more Jordans and SB’s than you had teeth, fingers and toes. I was well known. My image was who […]

My Rescue From Sex Addiction

It is true what they say about women. We have the ability to hide things very well. We cover things with a smile and cloak ourselves in feminine etiquette so you may never know our true thoughts. The world would have you believe that at all times a lady is a lady in deed, manner, […]