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Archive | Editors Journal

Calling All Christian Creatives


Saltshakers, it’s time to uncage yourself. We are the ones set free by redemption, yet often allow the culture to corner us into a fearful bubble, especially when it comes to being pure in heart and body. Purity is a worthy pursuit, for not only do we reap the benefits of a long & focused […]

Happy Birthday SALTY

Not everyone is making excuses for their sin. Not everybody is buying into the “sex sells” lie. Not everybody is selling out on God’s call to holiness. There is a remnant out here living fearlessly and passionately for the Lord, by God’s abundant grace, and we see you. YOU are the salt of the earth, […]

SALTY 1.4 – The Identity Issue

Yes, it finally landed. Volume 1 Issue 4 has arrived, and we discuss our “Identity: In Crisis or In Christ?” Why Identity? Because the world called, and wants to know whose side are we really on. Because Christians are quicker to defend their sin than to defend their God. Because sometimes we need to be […]

SALTY 1.3 – The Desires Issue

Yes, get excited! Volume 1 Issue 3 is now here, where we explore “The War For Our Desires”. Why Desires? Because God so loved the world that He gave us sex for marriage, ears for music, nerve endings to touch, and a million taste buds to enjoy food a million different ways. Because He seriously […]

Editor’s Prayer: Volume 1 Issue 2

Father, this is a hard topic. I barely scratched the surface. Why give me this theme now when I am still wrestling with never seeing Your beauty with physical eyes? I even question the relevance of this theme in light of heavier Kingdom matters (justice, redemption, truth, etc.). But that’s exactly it – for beauty […]

Editor’s Prayer – Volume 1 Issue 1

Lord, help us. As a generation, we now realize whether in the church or out of it, that purity is NOT a list of dos and don’ts we can make ourselves (or others) live by. We can never clean ourselves up. We can never keep ourselves clean. We are not good enough. We are a […]

So.. Why Purity?

Volume 1 Issue 1 – Journaled after deciding on the theme and asking the Lord why purity matters: Because slapping a condom on impurity does not make it an improvement. Because time has proven that we are not wiser than God, but need His leadership. Because nothing else will ever satisfy for only purity leads […]