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Contemporary Christian art featured in SALTY Magazine

Highlighting Creatives – Jarvis Taylor

Each month, we pick a Christian Creative to share their #FiveFaves with us in the below categories – here were Jarvis’s top picks (also known as @JMaurice on Instagram):   1) Favorite app or tool for your art? Photoshop and Illustrator.   2) Favorite book or blog you frequent? Fifty Reasons Why Christ Came to Die by John Piper […]

Spoken Word Artist Ezekiel

SALTY Up Close: Ezekiel

We asked Ezekiel some questions for our Holiday issue dropping this month, check out the full interview below: The Salt (tell us a bit about you, and your vision to impact culture): I am a husband and father of 3 lovely girls. I believe that family is an important ministry, and with that every minister […]

Christian Creatives Art by Latoya Mathis

Highlighting Creatives – Latoya Mathis

Each month, we select a few Christian Creatives to share their #FiveFaves with us in the below categories – here were Latoya’s top picks (also known as @LatoyaSwarmmode on Instagram):   1) Favorite app or tool for your art? My favorite tool for art is a silver and black mechanical pencil. It’s a simple precision instrument that allows […]

SALTY Up Close: Erica Mason

“Hey! You’re the rapper girl!” This is how Erica Mason is usually addressed while attending classes at the University of Florida (UF). It’s because in addition to being a 3rd year Family Youth and Community Sciences major and campus RA, she raps at events hosted by fraternities, sororities, Christian groups, and nonprofit organizations at UF. […]

SALTY Up Close: Japhia Life

Interviewed by Imade Nibokun Japhia Life is often considered Christian Hip Hop’s bad boy, but his fearless defiance comes from a higher source.  Despite the labels thrust upon him, he defines himself by an audience of One.  When his cult classic, Pages Of Life, was released in 2000, Japhia was a Nas trained emcee learning […]

SALTY Up Close: Butta P

Interview with Butta P from the lyricist group Rhema Soul, by Marsha Saintvil M: So what is your testimony? B: I grew up in a Christian home. About sixteen/seventeen, I was curious about what it was like outside of the church. Hit rock bottom at one point, ended up going to a retreat where I […]

SALTY Up Close: RicLamar

Walking into Linda’s, a shop in Portsmouth, Virginia, I am welcomed by Kendric Brown, the man behind RicLamar clothing. He greeted me with southern hospitality, a huge smile, and a hug. A refreshing welcome in today’s busy world. We talked, we laughed, and we bonded a bit on the topic of Christian fashion. Kendric sees […]