Salty Magazine Vol 16 - Digital

Salty Magazine Vol 16 - Digital

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Featuring contributions from and conversations with:

Matt Lightner: Affirmations in Cooking

Julie Hoch: A Winegrower’s Identities

Vincent Morrow: Upward Velocity

Geeta Bansal: Evan Funke - Staying Power

Luis Reginato: Question Every Truth

Vasco Coelho Santos: Gastronomy is Intense

Alois Wilfling: Eva & Adam - The Way Back to Paradise

Ian Scaramuzza: Roll the Dice and Embrace the Journey

Lisa Allen: A Brewmaster’s Insight

Justin Cogley: Running a Culinary Marathon

Marlene: Daughter of the Alps

Sameer Taneja: French to Indian

Paul Weiss: Small Game Management in Austria

Mauro Siega: Following My Instincts