Salty Magazine Vol 14 - Digital

Salty Magazine Vol 14 - Digital

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Simon Davies: Creative Failure and Successful Creativity

Ursula Mahlknecht Pizzinini: The Essence of Hospitality

Geeta Bansal: Ana Ros - No Time for Cold-Blooded Competition

Philip Tessier: A Culture of Craftsmanship

Florencia Montes: New Goals, New Objectives

Kirk Westaway: Provenance, Simplicity, and Design - Towards a New JAAN Chapter

Vicky Lau: Cuisine is an Endless Journey

Geeta Bansal: Christophe Pelé - Parisian Flair at Le Clarence

Thomas McNaughton and Ryan Pollnow: Dialing in True Sustainability

Katianna Hong: Our Yangban Society

Mark Narongchai: Food is the Best Connector

Christian Marasca: Sugar is an Amplifier of Flavor

Agustin Balbi: Over and Over Again

Valerio Serino: Homage to Nature

Ruben Arnaz: Essential Vs the Superfluous

Matteo Delvai: Setting Goals for Success

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