Salty Magazine Vol 17 - Print Edition

Salty Magazine Vol 17 - Print Edition

Featuring contributions from and conversations with:

Fadi Kattan: Palestinian Culinary Trauma and Revival

Fariyal Abdullahi: Rising to a Rightful Place

Jaime Rodriguez Camacho: From the Andes to the Colombian Caribbean Coast

Geeta Bansal: Francis Mallmann - A Romance with Flames and Smoke

Claire Sonnet: Every Guest is Unique

David Hertz: Hospitality and Social Vulnerability

Aarti Shetty Bleidorn: Engineering a Culinary Journey

Steven D. Greene: Eating is Like Reading a Book

Eric Vildgaard: Jordnær - Risen Like a Phoenix

Zineb Hattab: Diversity Ignites Creativity

Luis Ronzón: The Magic of Conchinita Pibil

Alessandro Medici: Five Generations of Medici and Lambrusco in Emilia

Salam Dakkak: Home - Where Love and Simplicity Reside

Hans Reisetbauer: The Revolution of Eau De Vie

Eugenio Boer: A Virtuous Dining Room