Salty Magazine Vol 13 - Digital

Salty Magazine Vol 13 - Digital

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Featuring contributions from and conversations with:

Timothy Charles: Cooking on a Rock in the North Atlantic

Adelaide Lala Tam: The Ethics of Animal Consumption

Geeta Bansal: Vaughan Mabee - Symbiosis With the Wild

Mauro Uliassi: Without Tradition, There Is No Change

Sung Anh: An American Dream Transplanted

Fatmata Binta Tarazid-Tarawali: Follow Your Passion

Matthew Kammerer: Lessons to be Learned, Techniques to be Finessed

Reisa Jiang: Tasting Quality With Eyes Closed

Dorina Palombi and Michele Massaro: Fire Walks Forever by My Side

Zor Tan: My Circle of Life is Born

Serigne Mbaye: Why Be A Chef?

Claire Lippmann: Art for the Table

Mark David Abbott: Farmlore

Claudia Krauspenhar: A Chef’s Role in Society

Rahul Rana: A Vegetarian Avatar of Indian Cuisine

Igor Mezencev: Borsch Under Shelling in Kharkov