Salty Magazine Vol 18 - Print Edition

Salty Magazine Vol 18 - Print Edition

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Featuring contributions from and conversations with:

Han Suk Cho: Vietnamese Coriander

Ignacio Mattos: The Nobility of Service

Rodrigo Rivera-Rio: Promoting Our Producers

Geeta Bansal: Cindy Wolf - Ebb and Flow of a Chef’s Life

Sid Sahrawat: My Love Affair with Indian Food

Johnny Spero: Fire is Cleansing

Katina Connaughton: Change and Grace - My Life Through Agriculture

Josiah Citrin: A Celebration of Art, Food, and Wine

Leonor Espinosa: The Owners of Food

Denis Courtiade: The Challenge of Globalization in Hospitality

Raghni Naidu: My Journey as an Immigrant Woman in the Wine Industry

Kevin Jeung: Sojourner

Hari Nayak: A Chef’s Perspective on Indian Cuisine