Salty Magazine Vol 19 - Print Edition

Salty Magazine Vol 19 - Print Edition

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Featuring contributions from and conversations with:

Aisha Ibrahim: Lessons from the Quart

Michael Rafidi: Cooking My Way Home to Palestine

Geeta Bansal: Jan Hartwig - Unwavering Focus

Begoña Rodrigo: I’m Stronger Than Vinegar

Mattia Pecis: Nature Inspired

Mariella Organi: Dignity of the Ordinary

Larry Nguyen: The Mysticism of Fermentation

Oliver Piras & Alessandra Del Favero: Educating the Parisian Palate

Lilith Rockett: Spinning Curves, Lights, and Shadows

Jon Yao: A Reflection of My Other Self

Debora Fadul: Cooking in a Culinary Paradise

Deepanker Khosla: Savoring the Past, Nurturing the Future of Indian Cuisine