Salty Magazine Vol 9 - Digital

Salty Magazine Vol 9 - Digital

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Featuring conversations with and contributions from:

Alon Shaya: My Love Letter To Louisiana

Bruno Verjus: The Kitchen Spirit

Romy Gill: Veganism in India - A Traditional Approach to Eating

Jason Bangerter: 2021 - A New Hope

Rasmus Munk: Conceptual Gastronomy

George Mendes: A New Chapter

Geeta Bansal: Bel Coelho - The Time Ahead

Xavier Boyer: My Views on the Evolution of Fine Dining

Norbert Niederkofler: Beyond the Mountain Peaks

Isabella Potì: A Millennial Kitchen

Mark Bright: Mentors and Wine Wizards

Nicolai Ellitsgaard: Harvesting the Sea

Alex Nietosvuori: Home at Hjem

Bel Coelho: Decolonizing Brazilian Tastes

Randall Prudden: A MAD (Academy) Experience

Nadia Rizek: For the Love of Chocolate

Riccardo Canella: Top of the World, Bottom of the Ocean

Suveg Kavatkar: Living My Dream

Céline Pelcé: Animals - How to Understand Such a Complex World? Let’s Eat it Together

Nino La Spina: An Insatiable Desire to Excite

Tamara Rigo: Aspirations and Inspiration

Maxime Gilbert: Symphony in the Kitchen