Salty Magazine Vol 10 - Digital

Salty Magazine Vol 10 - Digital

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Featuring conversations with and contributions from:

Sam Ward: Mental State Flex vs Stability

Dirk Niepoort: The Niepoort Philosophy of Winemaking

Geeta Bansal: Massimiliano Alajmo - Moments of Comprehension

Massimiliano Alajmo: The Power of a Gesture

Roberta Hall: My Small Neighbourhood Restaurant

Geeta Bansal: Alex Atala - A Step Back and a Collective Step Forward

Anatoly Kazakov: Test of Friendship

Cristina Bowerman: Get off the Train

Jenner Tomaska and Katrina Bravo: Beloved

Geeta Bansal: Alice Waters - A Moment of Change

Ron McKinlay: What is Canadian Cuisine?

Umar Ngyuen: Chef to Seafood Entrepreneur

Dimitrios Moudios: Queer Food

Antonio Romero: The Soul of a Dish

Luca Fantin: Italian Roots and Japanese Sensibilities

Inés Páez Nin: Dominican Roots

Przemysław Klima: Let’s Bring Fun Into Fine Dining

Tiago Bonito: Haute Portugese Cuisine in the Countryside

Mattia Agazzi: LA Vibes Meet Italian Energy

Javier Olleros: What Should We Do?

Paula Silva: Cuisine as a Conscious Act

Beesham Soogrin: Breaking Bread

Evgenia Nechitaylenko: Mentors vs Consultants