Salty Magazine Vol 8 - Digital

Salty Magazine Vol 8 - Digital

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Featuring conversations with and contributions from:

John Shields: At Some Point In Life, The World’s Beauty Becomes Enough

Elena Reygadas: Notes on Mexican Bread

Geeta Bansal: Magnus Nilsson - A Fluid Line in the Sand

Paul Ivić: Soil to Kitchen to Soul

Joyeta Ng: Linear Move from the Table into the DEN Kitchen

Mike Bagale: ‘Food is Medicine’ Will be the New ‘Farm to Table’

Takahiko Kondo: A Tale of Contemporary Culinary Culture

Dan Hong: Life Locked Down

Kristian Baumann: Writing the Next Chapter

Marije Vogelzang: Edible Philosophy

George Troyan: Falling in Love With a Stove

Fia Gulliksson: Nordic Ordinary Inspires London’s Extraordinary

Steve Schwartz: Stopping Time with Tea

Najat Kaanache: Moroccan Magic

Moshik Roth: I Will Be Back!

Toni Kostian: Making Conscious Choices About Finland’s Resources

Thomas Bühner: Food Can Help Us Heal

Santiago Lastra: Forget the Pride

Leonardo Fonseca: A Home Far Away

Robert Mendoza: C’est la Merde, but Keep Pushing